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Our Facilities

Faculty: Our faculty consists of qualified and committed teachers capable of imparting value education and training and have modern and progressive out look in tune with this ever evolving field. We also invite dynamic guest lecturers who inspire and motivate besides giving our students valuable tips.

Mr. Mahesh Krishna – Principal
Mr.Shiji sivan kutty – Academic head
Mr. Moses robin – Senior lecturer
Mrs. Achamma chandy - Senior lecturer
Mr. Biju sasidaran - Senior lecturer
Mrs. Sindhu – Lecturer
Mrs. Rema Nathan – Lecturer
Ms. Suvija – Lecturer
Mr. Krishanth yadav – Lecturer
Ms. Hima lasar – Lecturer
Mr. Rahul – Instructor

Facilities for Learning and Training: Each student is provided with an individual cooking table space with a cooking range, a full set of advanced cooking utensils and traditional ware, where students learn all relevant aspects of cooking, hygiene and management of food and utensils. Individual attention is given to students who are gently and patiently motivated to become expert and confident cooks till they can easily dish out an inviting spread within the prescribed time limit. Time management is given importance since it is of prime importance in the hospitality industry.


Front Office: Hands on training is given for welcoming guests, accommodating them, seeing to their umpteen needs as well as cashiering, computerized booking, billing and arranging tour packages etc. until the guests are seen off in the best hospitality tradition making the guests feel well cared for and contended. Creating and maintaining the comfort zone for guests is an important aspect of our hospitality training.


Guest Room: A fully furnished mock guest room and adjacent bathroom is provided where the students learn the art of bed making, bathroom linen management, impeccable cleaning and innovative interior decoration. The students are encouraged to plan and execute 'dream guest rooms.'


Food production department

Basic Training Kitchen

The freshers are given an in depth theoretical and practical knowledge. In the BTK, the first year students learn the basic culinary art and gear up for further challenges, which they have to face in this field.
Continental cuisines are practiced by the students and thus they get to learn international cooking traits and art.

Advanced Training Kitchen

The ATK is where the budding professionals are fine polished to prove their mettle in the industry. Here students are given training in planning and preparation of Indian, Oriental and Western cuisines.


Bakery and Confectionery

The Bakery and Confectionery department trains the student in the art of making various types of breads, confectioneries like pudding, cakes, ice creams etc to make them adept in this field.


Restaurant & Mock Bar

Training Restaurant helps to enhance style serving techniques. It operates 24 covers and also has a Training Bar to facilitate practical experience to the students.
It is well equipped with silverware, glassware, tableware, gueridon trolley and other sophisticated equipment required for quality service.


Front Office Lab

The Front Office department in a Hotel is responsible for the sale of hotel rooms. Students specialize in Customer handling, Communication skills, Hospitality service and Guest satisfaction. These skills are being taught in Front Office Department.


House Keeping Lab

The House Keeping Laboratory consists of a guest room with well-designed interiors.The Mock-House Keeping Laboratory and the Laundry equipped with washing machines, dryer and a wash area enable students to get the right feel of the department.



Our Library is an organized collection of sources of  information  and similar resources  made accessible for reference or borrowing. A wide range of reading material is available for course related requirements as well as for leisure reading. The library is open from 9.30 am to 4.00 pm. Internet & multimedia search facilities are available in the library.


Computer Lab

Computer labs are equipped with core 2 duo computer loaded with all the software needed for learning. Students can make use of the opportunity to update themselves with the current trends in the industry.


Linen and Laundry training: The Institute has a linen room where students are acquainted with all pieces of hotel linen and varied aspects of laundry and maintenance of all types of textures from woolens to chiffons.


Maintenance Learning: The students are imparted on the job training by the electrician, carpenter and plumber for repairing and fixing things which is a very important skill when it comes to the real running of a hotel and maintenance of equipments and fixings.


Part time Job The Rajadhani Advantage: Apart from the added advantage of getting regular training at full fledged commercial hotels the students at R.l.H.M have the exceptional benefit of obtaining paid part -time jobs at the Rajadhani chain of hotels. so that they can help support their study which would increase the dignity and self -esteem levels considerably as well as help financially.


Stress Management: The Institute recognizes the importance of this aspect in an industry with multi dimensional chores to see to at the same time. Well known counsellors give classes in this field and their classes are eagerly awaited for the fund and emotional -connect elements! The stress of learning is managed as well by Yoga & Meditation


Library and Audio Visual Room: The Institute has an excellent library which has a valuable collection of books in Hotel Management, Hotel laws, Cookery books etc. The library also subscribes to all the advanced publications on the subject.


Industrial Training and Placement: 6 months industrial training is part of the curriculum. Besides training at all Rajadhani Hotels is an ongoing process happening on a fortnightly basis. The periodic evaluation and assessment of hands-on application is done after each outdoor training session. The placement cell of the Institute is one of the most effective and a comparatively higher percentage of placement achievement has been attained.


Hostel facility available

Front Office